Omega Family Dentistry   2851 Cobb Pkwy NW 208 Kennesaw,GA30152   (770) 422-9445
Omega Family Dentistry
2851 Cobb Pkwy NW 208
KennesawGA 30152
 (770) 422-9445

Reviews Of Omega Family Dentistry

4.81 31 Reviews
Iwayemi Olayeye
May 20, 2018

I was totally satisfied with the services I received. The front office staff were cordial and courteous. The hygienist was very experienced and guided me through the scaling and root planing. The Dentist was very professional and pleasant. I highly recommend this practice.

naterra nesmith
May 09, 2018

A L.
May 08, 2018

Rude dental hygienist It was my first experience at the dentist’s office, and the receptionist and Dr. Abimbola were very professional and caring. However, I did not have a good experience with the dental hygienist, particularly when it came to taking x-ray of my lower teeth. Given my mouth/teeth anatomy, the plastic tool used to put in the mouth for an x-ray, was pressing hard under my tongue & scrapping into my lower gum tissue. At one point, I couldn’t clench my teeth any closer due to the pressure, that I used my lips to hold the tool in position. After she asked me to hold the tool with my teeth, I went to explain how it was hurting me under my tongue. I don’t recall her full reply, but she did interrupt me and said “stop talking”. After she took the x-ray of my lower teeth, I turned to her and asked if it was normal for the tool to scrap the gum. She replied what I captured as this was “not an amusement park”. It wasn’t in a light-hearted manner either. I felt as though that it was not a professional manner of treatment. In addition, being a first time visit to a dentist, it was not compassionate either. May be I am wrong and I misinterpreted the whole interaction. However, that was my experience at the time. Dr. Abimbola came soon after that, and was very professional as I mentioned at the beginning. The dentist and I discussed my profession while she was in the room, and that was when I noticed her demeanor changed and warmed up. I wish I had said something at the time of my x-ray, or after, but I felt too vulnerable as a patient. Next time, I will speak up. Otherwise, I had a great and professional experience with the receptionist and Dr. Abimbola.

Nicholas Anthony
Apr 27, 2018

The staff was very friendly and professional, they make you feel comfortable throughout the process and explain everything they are doing. I was so pleased with the service

Michael Daddario
Apr 26, 2018

I recently moved to Georgia and needed to find a dentist for my routine preventive cleaning. I am so glad I found Omega Family Dentistry. The dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth, Amy, provided the most thorough cleaning that I've had in years. She was so friendly. Alba, the receptionist, was cordial and always spoke with a bright smile on her face. The good doctor kept me informed on some additional preventive measures to consider. He was knowledgeable and very courteous. I highly recommend Omega Family Dentistry!

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